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As your business grows, you will face situations where you need specialist support to help you to seize opportunities and achieve your goals.  In our experience, no single firm of advisers offers a full range of ‘in-house’ services to high growth companies and an internet search is not an attractive alternative.  This is why we built the Adviser Circle.  Member of the Adviser Circle are not only technical experts, they also understand and identify with the challenges faced by the founders of fast-growing companies.

Members of the Adviser Circle are our go-to independent experts on those essential issues: protecting intellectual property, building a pipeline of sales, securing funding and much more.  We maintain relationships with a wide range of advisers including accountants, solicitors, IP attorneys, tax advisers, IFA’s, finance brokers, insurance brokers, employee benefits advisers, HR consultants, marketing and PR agencies.

We work with up to four advisers in each specialist area.  This offers our all the founder we are working with “choice without confusion” and enables us to introduce you to an adviser who goes beyond being a technical expert, to be aligned to you, your needs, culture and aspirations.  And we always stay on-hand to ensure the successful completion of a project when needed.


Founders and investors appreciate this way of working as it means they can carry on working with their existing advisers while accessing specialist knowledge.  Your existing advisers will also find this approach valuable when you need to address a requirement that is beyond their professional competence.


During our Founder Headspace workshops we will discuss with you anything that is of concern and identify potential projects where the business needs external support.  Through our discussions, combined with our knowledge of the business, we will help you to identify the right technical specialist  We will give them an initial brief, before arranging an initial, free-of-charge, meeting with you to discuss your requirements.



Managing the growth of a business and a team is an all consuming activity.  It is a good idea to speak to a member of the Adviser Circle when you first think you have a problem to solve or an opportunity to seize.  You may find through simply speaking with a friendly expert, that there is no need for any action.  Having put your mind at rest and reassured your investors, you can focus on more important priorities.  If you do need to take action, you know that you have started the process early and are talking with the right people.


From financing the growth of your company to planning for exit, the Adviser Circle will help you:


Corporate Solicitors

Proactive Accountants

Tax Strategy

International Development


Remote Working

OKR Training

Employee Benefits

Incentive Schemes


IP Attorneys

Cyber Security

Sales and Marketing

Employee Contracts


Fundraise Advisers

SEIS/EIS Planning

Financial Training

Pitch Development


Financial Advice

Founder Support

Life Planning

Exit Strategy

Access to the Adviser Circle is available to all founders we are currently working with in a Founder Headspace Workshop

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