Every business has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to ensure all our clients’ businesses recover from the pandemic as strongly as possible.

A Business Recovery Planning Workshop requires you to reconsider all aspects of your business to ensure its best chance of recovery.  We will work with you to develop a concise plan and clarify the future direction of your business.  We will help you revise your budget, maximise support entitlements, set goals for each department, apply for bank finance ,if needed, and ensure you feel supported throughout this recovery period.

Who should have a Workshop?

All businesses should plan their recovery from this crisis.  It’s crucial to review your plans and also to assess the onging impact on your business and team as the full implications become clearer so you can identify risks, strategies to mitigate them, and potential opportunities.

What is involved?

We appreciate that you may be facing financial challenges right now.  To help you we have developed three cost-effective ways to access this workshop.

Business Recovery Planning 

We will help you to develop your Business Recovery Plan, identifying your biggest risks and opportunities, setting clear goals and actions and consolidating what needs to be done into a concise plan. You will complete our Workshop Briefing Pack, which allows for an in-depth operational review.

Business Recovery Planning and Finance Application

As well as creating a concise Business Recovery Plan, we will work with you and your accountant to complete a 12-month cash flow forecast, prepare your finance application and submit this to identified sources of finance.

Complimentary Business Recovery Review

If you don’t need the full plan, you can use our Business Recovery Action List to clarify the actions you need to take in each department to give your business the best chance to recover.  We will follow this up with a 30 minute review to ensure you’ve got everything covered.

When to have a workshop?

The sooner you develop a plan, the sooner your business can start to recover.   The benefits of a Business Recovery Planning Workshop

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