Core Values

We have five core values at ScaleUp Focus.

1.   Embrace purposeful change

Embrace change as a positive while seeking to take the team with you on the flight. Alone you will not survive. Ensure that all change is well thought out and implemented. Seek to quickly prove the value of the change. When you fail, fail fast and with low impact.

2.   Build nurturing relationships

Build and nurture relationships as a source of growth, energy, ideas and renewal. Do not approach them with a closed mind. Know when a relationship is a drain and take decisive action to minimise the impact.

3.    Communicate, act, repeat

Open communication will get us further, quicker, provided that action is taken as a result. Repeat the cycle of communication and action to drive forward. Your investment is your intellectual capital; seek opportunities to grow.

4.   Display resilient energy

Resilient energy will enable us to drive through the challenges that we will certainly have to confront. The team accepts and supports an underperforming member because their value is yet to be fully released.

5.   Respect our environment

You, your team, business and social community have an impact. Make sure that it is positive.

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