Scaling your business and achieving your long-term objectives often requires additional investment from angel investors or venture capitalists.  Today’s fundraising environment is challenging and not easy to navigate.   Less than 1% of all fundraising rounds involving angel are successful.  

Our ambition is to help you to improve the likelihood of your securing the investment you need to successfully realise your growth ambitions through planning and executing a Fundraise Action Plan.

Through the workshop you will also gain on-going access to the fundraising specialists who work with us in the Funding Quarter.

WHO is this WORKSHOP for?

You will have invested your own capital and probably also raised additional funding from “Friends and Family”.   This investment has helped you to achieve important milestones that will strengthen your “investment pitch” to potential investors, perhaps including some of the following:

Now that your business is generating some vital early revenue and you have ambitions to grow, you are ready to bring in new investors who will support you in the next stage of your growth journey. 


We will facilitate a half-day virtual workshop where you and your core team will work on your action plan.  You will complete a Workshop Briefing Pack to identify any burning issues so that we can prepare.  We will help you:

We will provide you with a Workshop Briefing Pack to complete. This will help to maximise your outcomes and the value gained from the workshop.


All the hard work you and your team have done will have built a value for your business.   Taking your business to the next stage of growth will mean seeking new investment, typically in the range of £500,000 to £5 million.  In return for their investment, investors will expect to receive 15 to 25% of the equity in your company.  These investors will be drawn from:

A typical fundraising round will take between 6 and 12 months to plan, execute and complete.  In today’s market it may be prudent to consider raising smaller rounds of investment on a more regular basis.  These rounds will absorb the time and energy of the core management team; the very same team responsible for growing the business.

Founders find it difficult to secure investment.  The funding journey is hard work, with hurdles and a lengthy timeline to secure the investment you need.  This can have a significant knock-on effect on your ability to penetrate your market, attract and retain a talented team, stay ahead of your competitors and smash your business plan.

Having a Fundraise Action Plan will help you to focus, prepare, hit milestones and increase the likelihood of your raising the right amount of funding at a fair valuation.


When you undertake the workshop, you also gain on-going access to the Funding Quarter, where our our team of specialists will be happy to help you:

We will help you get into the best possible shape to maximise your fundraising success and work with you right through your fundraising to banking the money.

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