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Our range of workshops addresses the planning and building of your business and provides the core building blocks needed for its growth. Each workshop helps you to move forward and to build value while minimising distraction and time away from day-to-day responsibilities. 

We take care to ensure that each workshop is tailored to your needs.  To help us prepare, we ask you and your team to complete a Workshop Briefing Pack, designed to get you thinking about the key issues you want to address and to enable us to prepare for your workshop.

The workshops are delivered online at a time to suit you and your team.  We can build a programme of workshops to fit your growth plans.  Ideal for when you want to get things organised for a fundraise and equally suited to building momentum when you are cracking on with your growth plan.

We offer four workshops that focus on planning your the future growth of your business and a further four that focus on turning your plans into reality and success.  Naturally, you can mix and match to suit your needs.



Founder headspace

Founder Headspace offers founders a place to address the challenges they are facing in a confidential environment. Whether it is people, product, finance, strategy, investors, or regulators, there are sure to be issues and concerns that you need to work through before discussing and agreeing on the way forward with your board and investors.

Founder Headspace is also an ideal place to discuss progress against plan using the Objectives and Key Results you have set, explore options for driving the business forward and to reflect on how to develop your own management style.

Founder Headspace sessions are arranged on a monthly or quarterly basis around the reporting cycle of your business and your own needs.  All our Founder Headspace clients benefit from ongoing access to the Adviser Circle of expert advisers.

We look forward to working with you and sharing your flight; so please get in contact.

Adviser Circle

As your business grows, you will face situations where you need specialist support to help to seize opportunities and achieve your goals. In our experience, no single firm of advisers offers a full range of ‘in-house’ services to high growth companies. 

The Adviser Circle are our go-to independent experts on those essential issues: protecting intellectual property, building a pipeline of sales, securing funding and much more.  We maintain relationships with a wide range of advisers including accountants, solicitors, IP attorneys, tax advisers, IFA’s, finance brokers, insurance brokers, employee benefits and HR consultants, marketing and PR agencies.

The Adviser Circle provides much more value than an internet search ever can.  Not only are the advisers’ experts, they also understand and identify with the challenges faced by the founders of high growth companies.

We work with up to four advisers in each subject area.  This offers our clients “choice without confusion” and enables us to introduce you to an adviser who goes beyond being a technical expert, to be aligned to you, your needs, culture and aspirations.

Founders and investors appreciate this way of working as it means they can carry on working with their existing advisers while accessing specialist knowledge.  A company’s existing advisers also find this approach valuable when the client needs to address a requirement that is beyond their professional competence.

From financing the growth of your company to planning for exit, we can help you.  We will work closely with your current advisers and introduce you to specialist advisers in the Adviser Circle when needed.  And we always stay on-hand to ensure the successful completion of a project when required.   We look forward to working with you and sharing your flight; so please get in contact. 

Access to the Adviser Circle is a service exclusively available to our Founder Headspace clients

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We look forward to working with you and sharing your flight; so please get in contact.

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