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Today’s business world is full of opportunities.  What is also known is that you and your team will face unforeseen changes and challenges on every step of your journey.  Some of these you may have experienced before or been able to anticipate.  There will be many more that you have only identified at a high level or not at all.

Wherever you are on your journey and whatever challenges you are facing; we are here to support you.  In addition we have built a squad of independent advisers and service providers, all of whom are here to help you with their specialist knowledge and advice.

We will work with you to execute your growth strategy, secure capital, develop people and support you in the leadership and growth of your business.

We work with Scale-up companies and specialist professional advisers including: growth strategists, accountants, solicitors, tax advisers, IFA’s and finance brokers.

Many companies will face situations where they will benefit from specialist support to help them to realise their potential and to achieve their goals. 

Entrepreneurs, investors and directors appreciate this way of working as they are able to carry on working with their existing adviser, while accessing specialist know-how.  A company’s existing advisers find this approach valuable when they need to address a client requirement that requires specialist technical advice.

From financing the growth of a business to planning the retirement of the founder, we can help you.  We will work closely with your current advisers and introduce you and your team to specialist advisers as and when appropriate.  We always stay on-hand to ensure the successful completion of a project.   

When the number of employees in a business grows, whether from 10 to 20 or 50 to 250, the business changes beyond all recognition.  Management know-how and the knowledge of technical specialists will be stretched, challenged and often found wanting. 

With growth comes the need for specialist management skills in all areas of the business, whether: operations, finance, HR, sales and marketing.  The growth of the company will also present different requirements for capital, organisational structure, and governance.

Planning and implementing your business strategy is a complex and dynamic challenge.  You also have to work in an environment of political and economic uncertainty.  At the same time, businesses must embrace advances in the use of technology and data.

Our panel of professional advisers has a track record of working with business owners and leaders in developing and executing strategies that deliver success and meet with stakeholder’s expectations in terms of return on investment as the business grows and becomes more complex. 

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