What People say

“As a start-up, what you want in a consultant is someone who has the experience to get under the skin of your specific context, and the relationships within their network to make a real difference to you. James has both in abundance, and he’s able to constantly draw the dots between things he becomes aware of and the potential opportunity for the businesses he’s worked with.

For us, the connection he made to a large potential client and would-be investor was huge. And the insightful way he reflected on our management styles helped us adapt our behaviour as individuals and a team so we could operate more effectively.

He’s remained a positive source of ideas through the Covid crisis and ScaleUp Focus will remain a key resource for us that we will draw on as we continue our own scale-up journey.″

Ross Cox
Dispace Technology Ltd

“ScaleUp Focus provides a one-stop-shop to streamline the process of securing funding for the growth of your start-up. With a wealth of experience in the financial industry, ScaleUp Focus’s founder James McKerracher is perfectly positioned to help you prepare your company for investment and execute your growth plans. This is especially helpful for technology start-ups unfamiliar with fund-raising.″

Dr Chris Finnis
Royal Society Entrepreneur-in-Residence
University of Nottingham

“I have known James in corporate and consulting roles over many years. He has an extensive and detailed knowledge, along with practical experience, of growing ompanies, products and services in both complex and challenging markets. It is therefore not surprising that he has built ScaleUp Focus to help high growth companies in these uncertain and challenging times. Spin-out organisations from professional, commercial and academic research can benefit significantly from the type of support that ScaleUp Focus provides through its planning and execution workshops for founders.″

Dr Martin J Eley
Associate Professor – Strategy and Management
Birmingham City University

“When we launched Gemini we were keen to build up a team of like-minded individuals who not only knew the UK marketplace we were targeting but were able to be an excellent resource of information as we developed our strategies beyond the British Isles. His contacts and knowledge were invaluable to us as we launched the wider business and he proved to be excellent in pulling together the right people when we needed them. At the launch of the business it was critical to get all hands on the pumps and James proved that time after time.

We relied on James when we were looking at new ideas and he was part of the team that helped us develop new strategies. His ability to work with his business partners and add value to their business is evident in the work he did with us. We remain in touch with him when we need input to new ideas in both the UK and the Offshore markets and he always comes up with great ideas!″

Stuart Alexander
Chief Executive
GemCap UK Limited

“James at ScaleUp Focus has been invaluable at critical stages of our business development, offering experienced advice, support and coaching in an offline and confidential environment. Assistance from an independent and external voice has helped inform key decisions on the direction and future strategy for the business.

The heart of ScaleUp Focus is putting people at the centre of business, and it has been a pleasure working with James through our business development process. ″

Jamie King
Cleveley King Architects LLP

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